Winners Chapel Will Remain Until Jesus Comes – Oyedepo Declares


Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church, has declared that the church will continue until Jesus returns. He made this statement during his sermon at the Leadership Empowerment Summit for September.

He started by emphasizing the importance of order and putting structures in place for any system to work. According to him, when a system expands, the structures that keep it in place must be updated to fit the current realities. He declared that a commitment to excellence is a commitment to never ending improvement.

Another reason he gave to back up his claim was the fact that they always obey what God has instructed.

“Winners Chapel will remain until Jesus comes,” he said. “Among others we walk by the Spirit here. No guess work.”


He continued by sharing various instances where they were about to make decisions based on their findings, but God intervened with his own plan.

One of the instances hee shared was how he called a meeting of many pastors of the church from the foreign field to prepare a new strategy for inspection, but God gave a different instruction a day to the event.

“They all came from different countries. From South Africa, East Africa, and from different parts of Nigeria. They came with their wives. But a day to the start, God said these are not the people I will use. I told them to go back. Here we do nothing except it is commanded,” he said.

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Click here and skip to 1 hour 57 minutes of the video to hear the Bishop’s exact words.