Woman Selling Street Food at Night Turned Out to Gorgeous Hun, Peeps Fall in Love

Nigerians have gushed over a transformation video of a beautiful lady who makes a living selling akara in Abuja. The start of the video showed the hardworking lady frying the bean cakes (akara) by the roadside at night. The ending of the video earned her the admiration of netizens as people marvelled at her beauty and hailed her dignity in labour.

A video transformation of a young lady who sells akara (bean cakes) in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, has generated a buzz on the net.

The lady, Anastasia Thiago, became a viral sensation on TikTok after she proudly showcased her occupation via the video.

Anastasia looked dapper in the outfit.

In the clip, Anastasia was filmed frying akara by the roadside at night. According to Anastasia, her akara spot is at Area E, after Nyanya Secondary School, Abuja.

The scene of her dutifully frying akara over hot oil was followed up with a clip of her in a lovely outfit.

She looked unrecognizable pretty as she slayed in the purple blouse on black pants.

People gushed over her beauty.

Watch the video below:

People commended the lady

januaryvivian said:

“This your video has made me want to do this challenge.”

dasilver concept said:

“I’m proud to be a phenomenal woman, love you sis.”

mhizchioma said:

“Awesome but you are not supposed to turn ur back at the road youshould be facing it.”

Simplycyndy6 said:

“I can’t back the major road for anything,my anxiety…”

Abijnouu said:

“I love how we girls know how to switch things up despite any circumstance.”

Coco mom tell said:

“You are beautiful but akara at night?”

hernameisimariabe said:

“Wow assuming you live around my area, I would have come to buy some this evening You are an inspiration to me.”

Ehformah said:

“I’m intrigued by the consistency of the akara. The ones I usually see is more watery. I wonder what it tastes like.”

Lady sells akara in hot dress

In a related report, a lady wore a hot gown while selling akara by the roadside.

She was dressed in an elegant gown and had a full makeover, posing confidently while frying Akara.

According to her, the video aimed to break stereotypes and prove that one can embrace their fashion style regardless of their profession. Many praised the akara seller for challenging societal norms and defying expectations.

Pretty akara seller goes viral

Briefly News previously reported that a pretty lady who sells akara had become a viral sensation.

An emotional video showed her customers being served the traditional Nigerian breakfast of pap and Akara.

In the video, she poured the pap into a small bucket while the Akara (bean cake) was fried and kept in a sieve. The lady, who works with her mother at their stand, served the pap and Akara to all customers present.