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You Better Wake Up; Nothing Is Coming Down, You Better Go Up – Bishop Oyedepo

Renowned cleric, Bishop David Oyedepo, delivered an impactful sermon titled “Walking In The Covenant Of Supernatural Blessings” during the April 2024 Week of Spiritual Emphasis, inspiring congregants with reflections on economic challenges and biblical wisdom.

Reflecting on past economic landscapes, Bishop Oyedepo shared personal anecdotes to underscore his message of resilience and adaptability. Recalling a time when the Nigerian naira and the US dollar were equal, he urged attendees to embrace upward mobility despite prevailing economic hardships.

“I was alive here when naira and dollar were equal; one, one. I sold my first car, one thousand naira. It has four tyres,” he recounted, emphasizing the need for individuals to rise above economic downturns.

Warning against complacency amidst rising Dollar/Naira rates, Bishop Oyedepo urged vigilance, stating, “You better wake up! Nothing is coming down, you better go up!”

Drawing parallels to biblical narratives, he cautioned of impending challenges and urged spiritual fortitude. “Every generation has its famine season,” he reminded, citing biblical references.