Young LP Candidate On Obi’s Campaign Train Promises To Restore Arochukwu’s Lost Glory - Mc Ebisco

Young LP Candidate On Obi’s Campaign Train Promises To Restore Arochukwu’s Lost Glory

Okoro Kalu Uchenna with Peter Obi and Alex Otti

The Labour Party candidate for Arochukwu State Constituency in Abia State, Hon. Okoro Uchenna Kalu, has reassured his constituents of his readiness to serve and address issues affecting them if elected in 2023.

Speaking during the LP’s presidential campaign rally in Aba on Thursday, Uche promised to help Arochukwu regain its lost glory as a once vibrant constituency, while also assuring that the party will deliver on all its promises at state and national levels if given the opportunity.

“You can see for yourself that the people want change and the marmot crowd you are seeing here is a testament that Abia is for Labour Party.

“We have suffered enough and indeed enough is enough and it is time to take back our constituency, it’s time we take back our state Abia and it’s time we take back our nation Nigeria,” said Uche.

He promised to “hit the ground running if elected to the Abia House and by the grace of God I will restore the good image of our dear constituency.”

Uche applauded Peter Obi, the LP presidential candidate, and Dr. Alex Otti, the Abia gubernatorial candidate, amongst others, for committing themselves to service to the nation and Abia.

“I want to sincerely thank His Excellency, Peter Gregory Obi for rising to the task of fixing the nation.

“You can see that the support he (Obi) has is organic and I am certain that Nigerians will vote massively for him in 2023.

“We have also seen that through his manifesto, our governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti, has great plans for Abia. When you see someone that means business, you will know from his laid out plans.

“Abians will give him back the mandate that was stolen from him in the 2015 polls,” Uche added while also expressing confidence that most LP candidates in Abia will have successful outings.