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Your Party Promised Us That $1 Would Be N1; Do You Know What The Dollar Is Right Now?—Seun to Edu

During an interview with Channels Television, the Channels TV Correspondent, Seun Okinbaloye, tackled the APC National Women Leader, Betta Edu, for saying that the APC has fulfilled all of their promises to Nigerians. Seun Okinbaloye revealed that the APC promised Nigerians that 1 naira will be $1, but failed to fulfil that promise.

He also asked Betta Edu is she’s fully aware of what the dollar is presently. According to him, “Your aware of the time when the APC put out there that they’ll change the status of the naira. Naira will be at the parity of $1 to N1. Do you know what the dollar is right now? How did you feel as the leader of the APC from a party that promised such miracle and now we’re no where.

As regards this, Betta Edu stated that the country has done well to tackle insecurity in the country, pointing out that she cannot remember the last time she heard of bomb blast.