You’re denying me my right – Nigerian man cries out after he was banned from a gym in UK (Video)

A Nigerian man has been captured on camera lamenting over how he was banned from a gym in the United Kingdom (UK).

In the video, the man was seen complaining to a Caucasian manager at Lidl gym that he was banned from using the gym.

He was heard in the video saying to the Lidl manager, “You cannot break me, you know why? I have God. I serve a living God” You are just denying me, my human, right here. You are telling me you cannot serve for no reason. I’ve done nothing wrong”.

However, it seems the Nigerian man isn’t the only one banned from the gym. As he was ranting another woman was also heard in the background of the video asking if he was also banned. “They banned you from the gym as well. That means there’s a reason”, she added.

Explaining the ordeal to the woman, he stated that he pays 29 pounds every month to access the gym but the manager called him one morning to inform him he’s no longer welcome in the gym for no reason.

Watch the video below.