Zamfara: Heavy rainfall disrupts commercial activities, movement in Gusau

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A heavy downpour in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State, has once again disrupted commercial activities for residents, preventing traders, workers, and students from moving around.

DAILY POST reports that the heavy rain, which began in the early hours of Friday, lasted for several hours, leading to serious flooding on several roads and affecting many farmlands.

Many people were seen bailing water out of their houses, as the floods hindered movement of both people and vehicles.

Traders in Gusau could not open their shops as usual due to the impact of the heavy downpour, and students were unable to attend school.

However, the state government has yet to issue a statement regarding the recent flooding in Gusau. People have previously been cautioned to avoid building houses in waterways.

It could be recalled that three days ago, heavy rainfall caused flooding that destroyed numerous properties and blocked roads, especially in the Gengeri Maigemu area of Gusau.

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