10 sources of germs around you that you don’t know about and how to clean them


From cell phones to kitchen sponges, we touch hundreds of things each day and most of them are home bases for germs. The good news is, you’ve got many years of evolution of an immune system that tends to protect you from most of these things. But then, germs are constantly evolving and spreading through these everyday items. Here are 10 of the dirtiest surfaces/objects you touch every day, and how to protect yourself from yucky germs.


Because we handle our phones daily moving from place to place without paying much attention to how we drop and handle the phone make us not to take note how likely that place is full of unspeakable germs. Touching your face or mouth right after you touch your phone can increase your chances of getting infections that lead to common cold.

Solution: Turn off your phone, get a small cloth, dip it in a solution of Purit Antiseptic, and wring it until it doesn’t drip anymore. Then proceed to clean your phone with it.


You cannot even imagine the thousands of dirty dishes you drop in your sink everyday or the amount of raw ingredients for food we handle in our sinks everyday. These dishes and raw food already are harbouring germs and since you have to wash them before and after you eat, you are directly transferring the germs to your kitchen sinks.

Solution: The parts of your sink that you should disinfect with much greater frequency arethe drain and the faucet handle. While washing your sink everyday, be sure to add a capful of Purit in whatever soapy solution you are going to use.


It has probably never occurred to us that our trusted laptops can be one of the dirtiest surfaces we touch everyday. Think about it, you put your hands on it everyday even loan someone sometimes and they put their unwashed hands on it everyday. Not to talk about those that eat while watching movies on their laptops, tiny particles of food can splash on the laptops. And then its screens are dusty most times but we can’t see it because of the bright screen. These are all factual examples of how germs can be harboured on your laptops without knowing.

Solution: Add a capful of Purit Antiseptic into a small bowl of water, dip the small piece of cloth that you use to wipe your system and the make sure you wring the cloth very well that it doesn’t drip anymore so it’s basically just a damp cloth you’re left with. Then proceed to wipe down your laptop, make sure you try and get between the keys on the keyboard but make sure not to press too much with the damp cloth so as not to damage your laptop. Do this often.


At some point in our everyday movement around our various cities, we have at least once come in contact with danfo/BRT buses and had to touch their walls/bodies to keep balance when the drivers swerves to avoid something or any other reason. These buses are a constant haven for germs and bacteria because even when these buses are washed, their insides are not and different kinds of people with different ailments or infections get on these buses everyday which makes it very easy to come in contact with all these germs.

Solution: You can carry around a small bottle containing a solution of Purit Antiseptic mixed with water, which can serve as your hand sanitizer. Once you get on the bus or even if it’s when you get down, disinfect your hands immediately thereby protecting yourself from the effect of the germs you have been exposed to.


Everyday we all turn the handle of door to entrances of places we are going to, be it your room door, office door, or even public restroom door. They all harbour thousands of germs that can lead to different infections that harm our health.

Solution: If it’s your personal room or house or office door handle, clean it daily with a solution of Purit Antiseptic mixed with water to help keep it free of germs at all times. And if you are on the go, it will be handy to have a small bottle containing a solution of Purit Antiseptic with you at all times, which can serve as your hand disinfectant.


From the supermarket cashier to the meat seller in the market, there’s an enormous amount of bacteria on every money in your pocket. This one definitely gives a whole new meaning to ‘going places’ as the germs accumulated on our cash have been through different places, even across states.

Solution: A capful of Purit Antiseptic into a small bottle of water to be squirted into your hands after handling cash. You should carry the Purit solution everywhere.


Nobody ever remembers to wipe down their light switch because no one has ever actually paid attention to them as being germ friendly. Light switches would have over time accumulated hundreds of germs because nobody ever thinks to clean them when cleaning their houses.

Solution: When cleaning your house weekly or fortnightly, use a small damp cloth with a solution of water and Purit to wipe down all your light switches at home.


Most of our kitchen surfaces are mainly covered with lots of bacteria because small particles of food can be stuck on it or even just plain dust and most people think by just wiping it with just rag and water is enough to take care of that. But that’s not the solution.

Solution: Wipe down your kitchen tops with a solution of Purit Antiseptic mixed with water after every cooking session everyday to reduce the risk of germs breeding on your counter tops.


Sorry, TV lovers but your remote’s covered with germs. How many times have you been eating and picked up the remote or just mistakenly smeared ice cream of it and forgetting to wipe it. These are ways for germs to settle on the remote as it’s picked up everyday and even if it’s not it accumulates dust everyday when you are not home.

Solution: Wipe down your remotes with a damp cloth soaked in a solution of water and Purit Antiseptic every other day. Ensure the cloth is well wringed until the last drip of water.


A Quick one everybody – think about it, when last did you actually clean up your wallets or purses? Probably not recently, germs lurk everywhere from the handles of the bag to the items inside it.

Solution: Wash your bags or wipe down your briefcases with a solution of Purit Antiseptic monthly to prevent accumulation of germs on your bags.

While you cannot totally eradicate all the germs in the world, you can do your best to protect yourself. Try to reduce coming in contact too frequently with germ-ridden objects, and even when you can’t avoid it, be sure to always keep yourself protected. Purit Antiseptic is your best bet for protection from germs and bacteria you come in contact with on a daily basis.



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