Pregnant Wife Blasts Husband’s Side Chick, Threatens To Release Her Nu.de Pictures


A pregnant woman has claimed that this young lady alleged to be her husband’s side chick – has completely destroyed her marriage.

The lady believed to be in her 20s, has been allegedly having an affair with her husband even during her pregnancy.

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The eight months pregnant wife based in Lusaka, Zambia posted: “Women that go around wrecking homes definitely do not require any respect of their shameful behavior.

I have not enjoyed my pregnancy at all in the comfort of my own home, it’s only through Gods mercies that I haven’t gone into preterm labor. Please stop going out with my hubby, i found this photo in his phone and if u dont stop i will post your nude pictures”, she wrote.

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The young lady is engaged to a man who works in Livingstone region in Zambia as a clinical officer. Their wedding is scheduled for September this year, according to reports.

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Credit; Zambian News