Ogonis demand creation of Bori State as condition to resume oil activities in Ogoniland


The Ogoni people of Rivers State under the aegis of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) have demanded the creation of Bori State as one of the conditions to be met by the Nigerian Government before oil activities, suspended in Ogoniland over a decade ago following heightened agitation, can resume.

The conditions were outlined in a communique of the Ogoni National Congress held last Saturday, March 30, 2019, at the MOSOP secretariat, Peace and Freedom Center, Bori.

“Congress expressed dismay attempts by the Federal Governments to force oil production in Ogoniland without the consent of the Ogoni people. Congress resolved that oil production in Ogoni will only commence when it is properly negotiated,” the communique, a copy of which was made available to News Express, said.

“Congress,” according to the communiqué signed by MOSOP President Fegalo Nsuke and General Secretary, Deacon Monday Neeka Ziinu, “demanded the creation of a Bori State as a primary demand for the negotiation of oil resumption in Ogoniland.”

It also “noted the disturbing and alarming rate of insecurity in Ogoniland and called on all parties to sheath their swords and allow the intervention of MOSOP to resolve all disputes within and between Ogoni communities.”

Continuing, the communiqué said: “Congress condemned the poor implementation of the Ogoni cleanup exercise and demanded the immediate commencement of the recommended emergency measures. Congress demanded immediate action for the provision of water, the conduct of comprehensive health audit on Ogoni people, the establishment of an Integrated Soil Management Center and the Center of Excellence.

“Congress passed a Vote of Confidence on the leadership of MOSOP headed by Mr. Fegalo Nsuke and called on the general public to disregard and treat all other claimants to the MOSOP presidency as impostors.



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