50 Cent, The Rapper, Confesses He Believes Trump Will Be President Again

This week, rapper 50 Cent disclosed his belief on X that former President Trump could become president again, addressing his massive following of over 12 million followers.

The rapper, known as Curtis James Jackson III, not only made this statement but also expressed his pessimistic view of the world’s current state, suggesting that the end is nearing and advising everyone to stay calm.

Moreover, alongside his declaration, the artist posted an AI-generated video featuring Trump providing fabricated commentary on hip-hop magnate Diddy’s alleged involvement in a federal human trafficking investigation that led to raids on his residences recently.

Jackson shared the post to the social media platform on Tuesday morning, writing, “The world’s almost over so what are we worried about,” along with an emoji of a man shrugging.

“Whoever made this is f—– up,” he continued, referring to the AI manipulated video of the former president.

He then declared, “I think Trump’s gonna be president again, but I’m not gonna say that.”

He also provided a link to his merchandise website.

The AI Trump video featured an explicit rant superimposed over an old Trump interview.

In it, the fake digital Trump voice said, “Puffy, Puffy, Puffy, you stupid a– n—-, I told you stop f—— with R. Kelly, I said, ‘Grab them in the p—-,’ don’t kidnap the p—-.”

Rapper 50 Cent made a candid admission on X this week, telling his over 12 million followers he thinks former President Trump is going to be president again.
R. Kelly was found guilty of eight counts of sex trafficking and one count of racketeering in 2022, and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The fabricated Trump voice made a reference to the fact that both Diddy and the real Trump’s homes were raided, adding, “They raided your s—, I see. I got a courtesy call when they raided my house. You really f—-d up.”

50 Cent is no stranger to stirring up controversy with his posts about Trump.

The rapper turned heads last month after posting that “Maybe Trump is the answer” after seeing that the New York City government was considering giving migrants pre-paid credit cards.

In addition to his comment, the artist shared an AI video of Trump giving fake commentary on hip hop mogul P. Diddy being involved in a federal human trafficking investigation.
“WTF mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works,” he wrote.

In 2020, Jackson 50 Cent ripped then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s tax plan on Instagram, stating, “WHAT THE F—! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT. F— NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people. 62% are you out of ya f—— mind.”

The rapper would later publicly recant his support for Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election.