“A sex toy is more useful than a man “

Nigeria’s reality TV star, Doyin, drops a bombshell that is going viral on the internet.

The former BBNaija contestant was invited to the latest episode of the podcast called Honest Brunch, there she unveiled the claim that a vibrator is more useful to a woman’s sexual life than a man himself.

When queried, the big brother Naija star explained that a man lacks the efficiency and the consistency that a sex toy gives.

Extending, he said that a man may be on the path of fulfilling a woman’s dream on the bed and then suddenly switch from that rhythm, causing her to frown at him.

As she continued, a female podcaster, dropped her 2 cents by stating a woman who haven’t tested vibrator in her lifetime may decide to use one and end up getting the orgasm her man has never given her, backing the claim that men maybe useless.

Watch video below:

What a sex toy or vibrator can do, I don’t know one man that can do that job.

– Doyin pic.twitter.com/PmIOu3jd6u

— Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) November 20, 2023