Beverly Osu stated, “Why I Like Dating Older Men”

Popular video vixen, Beverly Ada Mary Osu has disclosed why she prefers to date men older than herself.

According to the actress, “I don’t want to be another woman’s sadness. I have always wanted to date people who could control me.”

Disclosing this while featuring in this week’s episode of #WithChude, the model added that: “I have always dated guys who are older than I am.”

“I feel that I am surrounded by boys, and all the men in my life are confident. If we must be together you have to be confident enough to stay in the midst of family. In the past, I always wanted to date people who could control me. Even my girlfriends are standalone chics. I love confident people.

“All the older men I have dated were ‘boyfriends’. I do not want to be another person’s sadness. I love attention, so in that way it has never worked out with another woman’s man for me,” Beverly detailed.

Shedding more light, being a product of a broken home, which affected her upbringing, she said: “My mum acted as daddy and mummy, so the boys expected so much from her. I feel the boys really wanted so much from her. She was our guardian and protector. She would always come for our PTA meeting and was always available.

Recounting the challenges she faced while growing up, Beverly said “My dad was residing in Surulere while we were in Ojuelegba. He never really stopped by to see us. I chose my dad over my mum, but he disappointed me.”