BREAKING: Angela Deem’s Nigerian lover, Micheal found after he was reported missing

Nigerian reality star, Michael Ilesanmi, whose relationship with America’s Angela Deem has been documented in “90 Day Fiancé,” has been found days after he went missing.

Angela Deem went on TikTok on Monday, Feb. 26, to cry out for help in finding her husband Michael who just moved to the US from Nigeria in December 2023.

Angela said Michael went missing on Friday, Feb. 23, and has not been seen since then. She added that he had no phone, wallet, or ID.

The police were informed of his disappearance and they got involved.

Hours later, it has now been revealed that Michael Ilesanmi, has been found safe and sound.

However, the details behind his disappearance has stunned his followers. Michael claims he took off on Friday, February 23, because he feared for his life.

According to John Yates’s YouTube report, Michael Ilesanmi contacted the local Hazlehurst, Georgia, police department, revealing his safety and the reason behind his disappearance. The authorities called Angela to tell her Michael had been located.

Michael Ilesanmi claims he left his wife’s home Friday evening because he was in fear for his life.

The TLC reality star also admitted that he had a secret cell phone that his wife, Angela Deem, did not know about. According to Starcasm, Michael also told the authorities that he did not want Angela Deem to know his location.

Following the call from the police, Angela Deem was reportedly furious. She allegedly admitted that Michael had left her Georgia home because she had asked him to.

“I asked him to go home because he doesn’t love me,” she said of Michael. “And then he disappeared. That’s it.”

After it was revealed that Michael was safe, Angela gave new details and accused her husband of being gay.

Angela stated that they were having problems. She said they were not sleeping together and that now she believes it is because Michael is gay.

She added: “I think that he’s really hiding he’s gay. And it’s OK. I said, ‘You’re in the US now, Michael’.”

Angela Deem is also furious at Michael Ilesanmi, and she has even threatened him, saying that she now knows where he is and that I.C.E. will be seeing him soon.

Angela Deem claims she can’t go into much more detail about their failed marriage because of her 90 Day Fiance contract.