BREAKING: “Omoh love is sweet o” – Heartfelt moment a Nigerian lady joins her husband in Canada

A Nigerian lady leaves netizens gushing as she narrates how she coped with long distance relationship from her husband until finally joining him in Canada.

She shared how he left in November 2023 for Canada and she had to stay back in Nigeria.

Despite their not being together, they performed her traditional marriage in his absence and he sent his bride price on December 31st, 2023.

She also recalled crying herself to sleep on several occasions but distance, however was not a barrier to the love they shared.

After processing her visa application successfully, she finally joined her husband in Canada on 1st April, 2024.

Read netizens comments below:

nchofa_k advised: “All the best😍, just be the good woman that you are”

cee_fire recalled: “I remember her on tiktok and how someone commented that he’d leave her once he gets there. I’m glad they are married and together”

princeoflondon1 noted: “Omo love is sweet when you find the right one”

gurufied said: “In 9 months time .. we would come visiting”