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DSS Foils Plot to Disrupt May 29 Inauguration, Ensures Security Preparations

According to Vangaurd News report, The Department of State Services (DSS) has unveiled a disturbing revelation, revealing plans orchestrated by subversive elements aimed at disrupting the forthcoming May 29 inauguration of the next President and Governors across the country. The DSS, responsible for safeguarding national security, announced its awareness of this insidious plot, highlighting its determination to thwart any attempts that may undermine the peaceful ceremonies and instill fear and panic among the public.

Dr. Peter Afunanya, the Spokesman of the DSS, issued a statement on Thursday, providing insight into the agency’s intelligence regarding the subversive plans. The primary objective of these disruptive elements is to impede the efforts of security agencies in ensuring a seamless and tranquil inauguration, thereby sowing chaos and apprehension among the populace.

The DSS, in collaboration with other security agencies, has taken swift action to address the threat posed by these subversive elements. The agency’s unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order, preserving national security, and protecting the well-being of citizens is at the forefront of their operations.

The revelation of this plot serves as a timely reminder of the ever-present need for heightened vigilance and stringent security measures during significant national events. The DSS, working closely with other security agencies, has intensified preparations to counter any potential disruptions, safeguarding the sanctity of the inauguration ceremonies.

The DSS has called on the general public to remain calm and vigilant, reporting any suspicious activities or individuals to the appropriate authorities. Cooperation from citizens is vital in supporting security agencies’ efforts to detect and neutralize threats before they can materialize.

As the date of the May 29 inauguration approaches, the DSS has significantly bolstered its intelligence gathering and surveillance capabilities. By leveraging advanced technology and closely monitoring communications channels, the agency aims to identify and apprehend individuals involved in the plot, ensuring their plans are thwarted before they can be executed.

Additionally, security agencies have increased their presence and enhanced security protocols at key locations, including venues where the inauguration ceremonies will take place. This comprehensive approach seeks to provide a secure environment for dignitaries, government officials, and the general public attending or participating in the events.

The DSS has expressed its determination to ensure that the May 29 inauguration proceeds smoothly, in accordance with democratic principles and the will of the Nigerian people. Efforts to safeguard the sanctity of the ceremonies are well underway, with security agencies working diligently to neutralize any threats that may arise.

The DSS urges all Nigerians to remain resolute and undeterred by these subversive plans, emphasizing that their collective commitment to peace and unity will prevail. The agency, alongside other security forces, reassures the public that every measure is being taken to safeguard the nation’s security and maintain an atmosphere of tranquility during this critical period.

As the nation prepares to witness the peaceful transition of power, it is imperative that citizens remain vigilant, cooperate with security agencies, and report any suspicious activities or information that may contribute to preserving the security and harmony of the country.