“God Can Call Anybody” Netizens React As Cynthia Morgan Dumps Music To Become A Prophetess - Mc Ebisco

“God can call anybody” netizens react as Cynthia Morgan dumps music to become a prophetess

As expected, Nigerians have taken to social media to react after former dancehall and reggae singer, Cynthia Morgan took to social media to prophesy to Funke AKindele, Wizkid, Jandor and others.

We reported earlier that Cynthia Morgan, who is also known as Madrina in a post on her Instagram story, made a list of her November prophecies.

Speaking to Funke Akindele, she told her to pray for her finances so she doesn’t go bankrupt. She called for prayers for Wizkid on his mental health. Cynthia Morgan told Lagos governorship candidate, Jandor to either pick a side or step down.

See her post below:

As usual, Nigerians took to social media to drop their opinions. While some mocked her for being a failed singer, others opined that God can actually use anyone.

Hypemanguru wrote, “Cynthia the lord is your strength nor worry u go still blow just be dropping the songs we will stream and download”

Commissionermide wote, “God says, “I will use the foolish things of this world to shame the wise”. 1 cor 1:27. God can use anyone. Despite David’s atrocities, he was still referred to as the man after God’s own heart. See the story of Saul. Igboran san ju ebo riru. It costs nothing to heed. Iré o.”

One Arugba_Anthony wrote, “God can use anybody, so, let’s not be quick to dismiss her. We are in unprecedented times. No matter where you live, in Africa, Europe, America, Asia or wherever, the handwriting is clear. Things are falling apart worldwide. Global insecurity has reached an alarming proportions with fear gripping everyone. What of the terrorists attacks that are here to cripple the world? Look at the rate of killings going on Nigeria and every part of the world. Political, economic, social upheavals are crippling the entire world. The world’s weather-conditions are alarmingly dislocated. Or is there any nation of the world whose climate is still regular? Natural disasters are on the increase, man-made catastrophes are overshadowing the entire globe.”

One Winifreakwarandu wrote, “Dear Lord God, You spoke through a donkey; You spoke in Jerusalem and it came to pass in capernaum, You are the Almighty….One thing I’ve come to know is that You reveal to redeem, thus I say thank You Sir…. if indeed you revealed this to Cynthia, thank You, make a name for Yourself: for I know You use foolish things/people to conform the wise.”

Iberocksin wrote, “She’s on some sort of prophecy drugs smh! 😂😂😂Bad things will always happen! Let her see her own breakthrough.. if bad things happened to all this musicians na she we wan they listen too ? though I like her but come on , control that thing we you take ! SNTD 😏. Her fans go come for me ! Sorry am her fan too .”