“I Don’t Mind If My Girl Sl€eps With Another Man So Far She Let Me Have Many Girlfriends” Don Jazzy

Nigerian music executive, Don Jazzy has used his new interview to make it clear that he does not mind if his girlfriend sl€eps with another man, so far, she will let him have as many girlfriends as he wants. He made it known that he is the type of man who likes beautiful girls and that he cannot take his eyes off them whenever he sees one.

He stated that whenever he goes out to an event and he sees a lady of his choice, he always gets confused because if he sees another beautiful lady, he would want to toast the two of them at once. He disclosed that he cannot be with a single girlfriend because if his girlfriend has beautiful female friends, he will not be able to take his eyes off them.

In the statement he made during the interview, he said, “I don’t mind if my girl sl€eps with another man; so far, she let me have many girlfriends. I’m not the type of man who will stay with one woman; I don’t know how some men manage to do it, because if my girlfriend has beautiful female friends, I will feel like dating them all. I’m someone who likes beautiful women; it’s always difficult to take my eyes off them, but maybe one day I will be able to become a one-woman man, but definitely not now.”

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