I Had To Sell My Land And My Cars, I Have Spent Over N200m To Fund My Movie Production– Eniola Ajao

Ajao stressed the significance of the film to her and the lengths she went to in order to see it through, even though she encountered many challenges. In calling it a “labour of love,” she showed how determined she was to overcome obstacles and provide viewers with an engaging cinematic experience.

By revealing that she had put more than 200 million naira into the film’s development, Ajao demonstrated her dedication to the endeavour.

After failing to receive financial support from others in the industry, Ajao decided to take matters into her own hands. She achieved a major career milestone after finding solace in the encouragement and support of her fellow actors and actresses, despite the early hardships and sacrifices.

The film holds a special place in her heart because she went to extraordinary lengths to make it a reality. More than 200 million naira was spent; in order to pay for it, I had to sell my land and cars.

After asking around for financial aid, which didn’t materialise, I decided to go it alone. Now I’m here, and I’m feeling accomplished since the entire film business rallied behind me.