JUST IN: Ooni Of Ife’s Wife Olori Tobi Phillips Shares Her Pregancny Journey After Birthing Twins

Olori Tobi talks about her Journey and says it can only be God because when she was scared she turned to God and felt confident.

She said;”Hey guys, so I’m two weeks Postpartum today and I thought to share some of my experience trying to conceive and during pregnancy with y’all. But, I may not be able to start from the beginning, so I might as well pick up stories from in between, however, the spirit leads so today.

I’m gonna be speaking about my 18-week pregnancy, then I saw a video of Diary Kitchen Lover, where she was telling her family and friends about her pregnancy and everybody was rejoicing and praising God with her. During that time I was a bit scared about my pregnancy for no reason, despite the fact that I had faith in God. So that video literally motivated me to run to God in more prayers, so I told God ‘See the way Diary of a kitchen lover is thanking you and rejoicing with her family, I need you to help me follow through with this pregnancy and let me birth my babies in good health, so that I can tell the world that you did this for me and then I can have very full course to glorify your holy name, you know this prayer.

I said on and on throughout that past clad day till I was able to get rid of fear and then my faith was restored and here we are today. I am boldly telling you that God did because it wasn’t by my strength or my ability

I literally had a seamless,you know less no stress kind of pregnancy, all that where people throw up say they couldn’t say they were constipation all those little little complications here and there that people go through being pregnant,I have never experienced any of those I was you know. I literally had sound health, my BP was always normal and my sugar level was normal.

Although,I know some of that had to do with my lifestyle or my food choices and stuff like that,but then ko ba se pe oluwa ko ile, Awon t’on ko n’se lasan ni not for the Grace of God, you know the journey wouldn’t have been seamless, regardless of how much precaution you think you want to take it. It’s only God that grants that full spectrum of having seamless and less stressful. Anything you want to do in me,and that’s why I’m out here saying that God did because really I had series of.. you know. I just know God answered my prayers and that’s why I’m out there sharing my testimony that it can be only God.”.