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My Boyfriend Is Ugly But I’m With Him Because Of Money – Lady [Video]

A young Ghanaian woman has told the public why she’s still with her boyfriend even though he doesn’t look pretty good in terms of appearance.

In a short Tiktok video, the woman who has been criticized for making offensive comments about her ex-boyfriend said that she broke up with him because he was broke…..CONTINUE READING

She went on to say that she could never be with a man who was poor, so she agreed to date her current lover because he was rich.

The gold-digger told @juujee koko this when he asked her why she ended her last relationship, and she gave the terrible answer below.

I broke up with my ex because he was broke, and I don’t date broke guys. The guy I’m dating now is ugly, but he takes care of me, so I can’t leave him for anyone else.

Since then, her video has gotten crazy reactions on social media because it made fun of her current boyfriend…..CONTINUE READING