Stop burning shrines and deities. Many deities acknowledge God Almighty- Yul Edochie says.

Veteran Nollywood actor and self-proclaimed priest Yul Edochie has resorted to social media to urge the general public to desist from the practice of setting fire to traditionalists’ altars and idols, on the grounds that many of these objects openly acknowledge God’s existence.

An official Instagram story from the brand influencer just made the statement, pleading with netizens to refrain from the destruction of shrines and deities. He went on to say that not all deities are bad.

The filmmaker claims that the Westerners lied to them and made them believe that their methods were bad so that they would abandon them and adopt Western values. He further claims that the people of the region need to wake up and return to their traditions.

In addition, Yul Edochie said that many gods accept the Almighty God, and that anyone who burns them to the ground may have eternal problems.

At long last, Yul Edochie gave the public the OK to ignore things they don’t understand as long as they aren’t bothering them.

Writer Yul Edochie quoted;

“Please put an end to the practice of setting fire to sacred places and idols. There are good gods and bad gods. In order to facilitate our enslavement, Oyibo persuaded us that all of our ways are bad. We must rise from our slumber and begin to cherish our heritage. Countless gods give glory to the Supreme Being.”

“Burning them could lead to ongoing problems for you. Just leave it if you’re confused. You shouldn’t bother it until it’s bothering you.”

Below this, you will find Yul Edochie’s post;