“Stop recording me” – Woman pleads as husband nabs her with another man in hotel [Video]

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment a Nigerian man caught his wife t a hotel with her secret lover. He apparently got information that his wife was at a particular hotel with a man and immediately stormed the location before thyhad chance to flee.

recently discovered his wife’s infidelity when he confronted her and another man at an unidentified hotel. In the video, the husband could be seen arriving at the hotel and directing the cameraman to capture everything unless instructed otherwise.

When he moved to the entrance and spotted his wife who rocked a black dress, she was taken by surprise and hid her face in shame.

Amid emotions, the man confronted his wife to know why she cheated him and he hurled insults at the man he caught her with. However, her lover chose to stand up for himself and it led to a verbal between the two men The verbal exchange between the two men.

While the confrontation escalatad, the woman approached the cameraman and begged wife him to stop recording due to her embarrassment.

Watch the video here: