VIDEO: Davido Slaps Female Fan For Attempting To Stroke His Beard

Singer Davido has been spotted lapping off an attempt by a female fan to touch his face in Uganda.

Ace Nigerian musician David Adeleke aka Davido has been spotted slapping off a woman’s attempt to grab at his face.

In a viral video seen by Dockaysworld, David could be seen walking through a crowd in Uganda, when a female fan reached out a hand to his face.

The woman who seemed to be going for his face was shocked to find that the artiste was not in the mood for such antics.

David had aggressively slapped the sudden invasion away leading to varying thoughts on the action.

While some believe David was harsh, others queried the fan for crossing her boundary by trying to touch him physically.

Watch video below

What was she even trying to do? 😂😭 #TimelessKampala pic.twitter.com/fm7UzLDTaP

— MBU (@MBU) March 30, 2024