Dear men: If Your Wife Doesn’t Have These Four Qualities, She’s Not a Good Wife

For every good woman there are a certain traits that they must possess. These traits are what gives women power to be the core of a family. Women that are good house wives material must have the traits that others craves for. This is so because, women are not the same, just the same case with men.

Men choose good women and keep them as wives because they are family oriented. Here are some reasons that proves the best wives.

1. Dedicate Themselves to Serve

Good women are preferred by most men due to their dedication. Every man need a lady who can manage house chores.

2. Most Are Home Keepers

Most of these women are good at settling and staying at their homes. These makes them the best wives as they are always available to attend to house chores and other emergencies that may arise.

3. They Are Motherly

Mothers are most respected people in the world. A good woman must know how to bring up children in a suitable way. It is a dream of every man to have a woman who can bring up his children in a most suitable way.

4. They Are Submissive

Currently, with high discussion of equal rights between men and women, this trait has ended up being doomed. However, for a good lady it’s different. Good ladies still recognizes their men as the head of the family and they respect them.