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I Know How Much That Was Given To Benue From Aso Rock To Make Sure I Lose The Election- Ortom

Samuel Ortom, the governor of the Benue situation, has publicly stated that after eight disastrous years in office, President Buhari will leave Nigeria in a terrible situation.

In an interview with Arise TV, Governor Ortom claimed that corruption in Buhari’s administration began in the presidential mansion.

As shown on Arise TV this morning, in his own words.

“I am aware that we brought Nigeria from the bottom to the top in 2014 when some of us had the chance to work with President Goodluck Jonathan. But now that we’ve reached the bottom, the Villa coordinated the celebration of my defeat, and I’ll tell you the truth about it. People talk about corruption and spend money, yet the Villa is the source of corruption. I am aware of the amount that Aso Rock donated to Benue State to ensure that I would not win the election. Both God and I have consented to move forward. If another person arrives and needs my assistance, I will provide it; otherwise, no problem.