How To Last Longer In Bed: Five Tips For Guys Who Cum Quickly


If your guy struggles to lst in bd, you’ll be relieved to know you’re not alne in your frstration: prmature ejculation is the most common sxual diorder in men under 40.

But not completely relieved, obviously. After all, premature ejlation is often equally dishrtening for both partners. When your g uy cmes too quickly, that can leave you feling unstisfied and fr*strated.

Even if he helps you finsh the jb by other means, you may both wish it didn’t have to be like that. If this is the case, here are five things you can do to help him lst lnger in bed.

Here’re 5 tips to help stop prmature ejculation before it rins your sx life..

Let him get it out of his system first. If you know you’re going to be having sx, try to encourage him to msturbate a few hours b*forehand.

Ejculating a short while before hving prtner sx makes it more dfficult for a man to come quickly. Start with some slow and itimate freplay and build his extement, and then let him catch up with you as you get closer and closer.

Chnge up your psitions. If you stck to the same kind of sx every time, your man’s brain (and body) gets to know the routine, making ejculation qucker as he’s anticipating it.

So try new psitions, new locations, anything new for that matter. Anything out of the ordinary will distract him from his igrained routine and stave off ejculation for a bit longer. Aim for things that are as new, unfmiliar or tricky as possible…

Hard of eging? Eging is when you bring him close to orsm, and then make him stop. Do nothing for about a minute, and let him ‘cool down’ a bit before continuing.

According to researchers, every person has an ‘ejulatory inevitability’, which is the point at which they’re about to orasm, and nothing you do will stop it.

However, eging trains a guy’s bdy to delay that point, enabling him to spend more time ‘on the ege’ before cming, and therefore, more time pleasing you.

Go again. Up for anther rund? Go for it! Once a man has ejulated, it’s harder for him to cme again too quickly (as we discussed above).

If you have sx and he oasms t*o fast, give him a few minutes and then go at it again.

It’s likely that this time round, he’ll take a lot lnger, which means there’s more time to fcus on you, and you’ll have a better chance of reching the finish line tgether…

Choose thicker cdoms. You should be using cdoms every time you have sx, not only to prtect against unplanned pr*gnancy but also against S TIs and H IV.

If you aren’t already uing cdoms, start right now. This could go a long way towards helping the problem, as it will slow the sensations for him to some degree, plus it puts you in a safer position.

If you’re already wrpping up, opt for a thiker variety of cdom. Never “doble wrap”: using more than one coom can lead to them coming off or getting lost iside your v*ina. Not something you want to have to worry about!



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