PMB Enumerates Gains Of Public Sector Reforms At Dubai Investment Summit


President Muhammadu Buhari has enumerated the success recorded in the Nigerian Civil Service Reforms at the Dubai Investment Summit held recently.

The reform, according to the President, were inaugurated to check excesses in public service and restore confidence in domestic and foreign trade, as well as digitize public service operations for greater efficiency.

President Muhammadu Buhari explained to the world at the summit how Nigeria has improved in its governing process with best practices in revenue generation, taxes zero tolerance in corrupt practices and a productive and growth driven public sector that can be dependable to chart economic and political future for Nigeria.

He also highlighted that Nigeria’s public sector reform programmes, from procurement to payroll to revenue collections, focus on digitizing key operations. He said: ‘‘furthermore, our public sector reform programs focus on digitizing key operations.

From procurement to payroll to revenue collections, we are using digital platforms to reinforce our objectives of improving efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance. ‘‘We are also working on creating the largest digital database in Africa.

Already, our digital identity system has captured over thirty million Nigerians and legal residents. As earlier observed, the digital world is borderless. In many instances, the criminals in this world are faceless and without physical addresses. This is why we must all come together to protect the good while eliminating the bad.’’

According to him, the recourse to technology and digitisation reinforces the administration’s objectives of improving efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance. Analysts said the public service reforms has repositioned all revenue organs of government in oil and non-oil sectors to increase their annual returns by over a 100 percent, sometimes hitting well above targets earlier set by such organisations.

They explained that the reforms have also taken Nigeria away from a mono-oil economy to a multiplicity of revenue institutions cut across major sectors of the nation’s resource, which of course are fundamentals of growth and rise in economic index performance.

The successes recorded in the ongoing reforms have been attributed to President Muhammadu Buhari, who gave the approval and conducted the inaugural ceremony for the takeoff of the four year reform process, which has become the pride of this administration and Nigeria as a country.

According to a public analyst who craved anonymity, ‘‘the nation could not have been taken aback, looking at the composition of the various committees trusted with the duties of implementing the plan to get the Nigerian civil service back on track, and improve in the entire process of conducting government business.

‘‘The service lost so much to indolence and low productivity which undermined the development of the political economy of the nation several decades behind.

However, the aggressive and tougher measures deployed by the present administration to tackle headlong the challenges in the public service has resulted in high level productivity and growth. ‘‘Development index shows clearly that the handlers of the reforms, which is the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation took a holistic survey on the direction to go, and the results are gradually manifesting as demonstrated by the President at the Dubai Investment Summit.

The woman behind the implementation plan Winifred Oyo-Ita is committed more than ever before to deliver on her mandate as the reforms enters its zenith within the next few months,’’ the analyst said.



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