Booby Traps Were Set For Bola Tinubu Not To Emerge As President, Even By People In APC- Nyesom Wike

Nyesom Wike, a former governor of the state of Rivers, claimed in an interview with a few journalists that Bola Tinubu was the target of numerous booby traps during the election period. Wike claimed that the naira redesign policy was intended to lessen the chances of president Bola Tinubu winning the election in the video that Channels TV made available. No government in the entire world, according to Wike, would devise a strategy that could lessen the chances of their party winning an election.

According to him, Bola Tinubu was the target of a booby trap set by the naira redesign policy, but thanks to his perseverance and good fortune, he was able to get past all the obstacles in his path.

Let’s not tell ourselves lies, said Wike, that the president was able to succeed due to his own good fortune, God’s favor, and his perseverance. Nevertheless, many booby traps—some of which were set by members of Bola Tinubu’s own party (the APC)—were placed to prevent him from winning the election.

“There is no ruling party in this world that will introduce policies that will make your party unpopular during an election. You raised the issues of the redesign of the naira and the lack of fuel during the election period. It was booby traps set against Asiwaju not to emerge, and nobody can convince me that the policy was not intended to target him.