BREAKING: Anger Grows as Amnesty International Exposes 3-Year Jail Term for President Tinubu’s Critics

The online community is responding to the latest guidelines issued by Amnesty International regarding the safeguarding of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on social media platforms.

In a recent public announcement, Amnesty International highlighted that individuals who criticise the President face the possibility of being sentenced to three years in prison.

Elaborating on the consequences of these regulations, the Human Rights Organization shared a series of tweets on Saturday, illustrating the implications of the social media guidelines.

“the social media regulation law keenly pushed by Nigerian politicians is set to be subject to vague and broad interpretations and will impose incredibly harsh punishments simply for criticizing the authorities.”

Amnesty International said, “Social media users will be punished for freely expressing their opinions. Govt. can arbitrarily shut down the internet and limit access to social media. Criticizing the government will be punishable with penalties of up to three years in prison.”

See comments from social media users below,

One Dinma of Lagos wrote, “So basically, freedom of speech is allowed but freedom after speech is not guaranteed.

One Idu1m wrote, “No fee for anybody including certificate forger.

One Tee Bong wrote, “This is dictatorship, not democracy.

One I Am Black Bharbie wrote, “So what happened to Freedom of Speech? We’re literally in a local person

One Eva Comedy wrote, “Hope the jail is big enough to contain everybody bcos 90% citizens are going in

One Books Fever wrote, “The more we Gold our hands and do nothing, the more we go dey run from poor to poorest to poorest. It’s a good day to get bookssssss.

One I Am A medium wrote, “I don go criticise the amnesty international for their page Oloriburuku.

One Sha Mu81 wrote,“But Dem dey come online come do campaign”