Constitute panel, go after El-Rufai – Shehu Sani tells Kaduna govt

Former Kaduna Central Senator Shehu Sani has called on the state government to investigate ex-governor Nasir El-Rufai and others responsible for the state’s substantial debt burden.

He advised Governor Uba Sani to establish an independent inquiry panel to scrutinize the previous administration’s handling of finances and the accumulation of significant debts.

The governor had claimed that he inherited a debt burden of $587 million, N85 billion, and 115 contractual liabilities from the El-Rufai administration.

Speaking at a town hall meeting over the weekend in Kaduna, the governor said the huge debt profile has made it difficult for him to pay workers’ salaries.

However, Shehu Sani, in a post on X on Monday, stressed that the current Kaduna State government can’t remedy the situation alone.

Sani wrote: “The looting of Kaduna State cannot be remedied by revelations alone but by courageously constituting a probe panel headed by an independent professional accountant or auditor who will invite and investigate ex-government officials and their proxy contractors to account for the millions in dollars and billions in Naira that were misused or outrightly stolen, including the $350 million loan.

“Kaduna State is at its hour of reckoning with the truth I foretold and the truth for which I was vilified.”