How A Nigerian Governor-elect Was Disqualified As Governor Just 1 Day To His Swearing In – Nya-Etok

Latest: Nigerian Governor-elect Disqualified Just One Day Before Swearing-In, Raises Concerns about Tinubu’s Inauguration – Nya-Etok

Politics: Nigerian Governor-elect’s Disqualification Raises Questions Ahead of Tinubu’s Inauguration – Nya-Etok

In a recent statement, Ezekiel Nya-Etok highlighted the unpredictability surrounding the upcoming inauguration of Bola Tinubu on May 29. He cautioned against premature celebrations, stating that unexpected events could unfold in court. Nya-Etok drew attention to similar incidents involving Nigerian governors and suggested that a similar situation might occur at the presidential level this time.

During a media interaction regarding Tinubu’s inauguration, Nya-Etok shared an example, stating, “A Nigerian governor-elect, David Lyon of the APC, was disqualified from assuming office in Bayelsa state just one day before his scheduled inauguration. He had been preparing for the ceremony when the court ruled that he was ineligible.”

Explaining the disqualification, Nya-Etok clarified that it was due to issues concerning Lyon’s running mate’s qualifications rather than Lyon himself. Drawing a parallel, he pointed out that Tinubu’s running mate, Shettima, also faces a case of double nomination at the tribunal, which could potentially jeopardize their chances of victory.

News source: Premium Times

Nya-Etok further referenced a similar case in Imo state, where a governor had already been in office for nearly a year before being disqualified by the Supreme Court. These examples highlight the significant influence of the judiciary, as the court’s verdict ultimately determines the outcome and the dispensation of justice.

The disqualification of a governor-elect just days before assuming office raises concerns and uncertainty regarding Bola Tinubu’s upcoming inauguration. It underscores the importance of legal proceedings and the potential impact they can have on political outcomes. The statement made by Ezekiel Nya-Etok serves as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed until all legal challenges have been resolved, emphasizing the significance of the court’s role in shaping political landscapes.