Why I Will Sympathize With Whoever Becomes The Next President Of Nigeria – Shehu Gabam

While Shehu Musa Gabam, the National Chairman of the SDP was talking with the media, he talked about the incoming government in Nigeria, and how they are gonna work to make Nigeria better than it is today.

Shehu Musa Gabam said that anyone who becomes the next president of Nigeria shouldn’t take the government of Nigeria as business as usual, because it is not gonna be business as usual. In his words, he said “I sympathize with whoever becomes the next president of Nigeria”.

“The situation of Nigeria is not what should be used as business, it is not as business as usual, and no one should use it as business. The situation of Nigeria needs someone serious to tackle it, not someone who isn’t experienced. I sympathize with anyone who holds the mantle of leadership in Nigeria because he is gonna face a lot of issues to tackle. It won’t be easy for such a person”.

Nigeria needs a strong hand to tackle its situation especially in the security sector, not a leader who will be too sluggish in tackling issues of the country, Shehu Gabam said.